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Terms and Conditions

Veros Credit, LLC, (“we” or “us”) through FSSI Hosted Client Portal, allows you, the account holder, to receive a monthly statement of account in electronic form (e-statement), provided that you choose to do so. In this case, your monthly statement of account will no longer be sent by mail. Specifically, if you opt for an e-statement, and provided you have registered with FSSI Hosted Client Portal, you will receive, on the date your statement is issued, an electronic message (email), at the email address indicated in your application, which will inform you that your monthly statement of account has been issued and is available in electronic form through FSSI Hosted Client Portal. Please note that it may take up to two months before you stop receiving paper statements by mail.

You must accurately state to us your email address where you will receive the email notification regarding the availability of your monthly statement through the FSSI Hosted Client Portal. In case there is any change in your email address, you should promptly inform us. You have the option to request, at any time, and without any limitation, that you stop receiving e-statements and switch back to/start receiving your monthly statement of account by mail, by sending a written notification to us. By providing an email address to us, you authorize us to contact you by email and provide account information to that address, and you certify that you are the only person with access to that email account

We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate the e-statement dispatch, and start sending you monthly statements of account by mail, at your contact address, without prior notice, if: (a) you improperly use the FSSI Hosted Client Portal system; (b) you breach any of these terms and conditions or breach any other obligations, for whatever other cause, towards us; (c) you initiate insolvency proceedings; (d) we believe in good faith that you have become untrustworthy; (e) technical reasons require us to protect your interests and your electronic communication. In all other cases, suspension or termination of e-statement dispatch shall become effective 60 days after the notification sent by us.

You are in the best position to discover errors or problems on your account. You must notify us if you believe there is an error or problem. You must provide your name and account number, describe the error you are unsure about, and explain as clearly as you can why you believe there is an error or why you need more information. We will investigate and correct any error promptly. If you think your e-statement is wrong or you need more information about the e-statement, please contact us using the following information: Veros Credit, LLC, P.O. Box 11914, Santa Ana, California 92711, Tel: (855) 332-9460, Email:

We may change these terms and conditions at any time, without notice.

You further acknowledge that this website and associated content is not hosted by us. We do not warrant the information contained on this website.